Saturday, October 29, 2011

12 Days // Creative Gift Wrapping

For the 12 days leading up to the Wintry Market, we will be featuring some of our favorite things about the Holiday season, such as music and things you can make yourself, such as the project today! Enjoy and check back tomorrow for even more Wintry Market goodness!

When giving a special gift to a special somebody, what's inside the box isn't the only important thing. A creative and fun gift wrap job can make a present more fun to give and receive. We love the following ideas to make your gifts this year stand out from the crowd. Plus, these ideas all reuse scrap material that might otherwise be thrown away! Cute, and eco-friendly? Ok by us!
Gift tags made from last years cards via Martha Stewart

1 //scarf wrap via {frolic!}   2//diy fabric bows via for the love...   3 //newsprint via allora handmade

The ideas above are only a few of examples of how you can do your part to save resources this Holiday season by re-using materials. This Holiday season we urge you to look past conventional ways of wrapping gifts and seek new, creative, and resourceful ways to wrap your presents this year. Not only will they be the best looking presents under that tree of yours, but we're sure your wallet will thank you as well! A win-win situation in our book. 

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